Spend Less.
Keep Money.

We save you money. No coupons. No deals. Just a free browser extension that helps you Spend Less.

How does it work?

  • Spend Less detects when you're on a seller's website

  • Spend Less delivers beautiful, motivational, and informative messages that help you pause at the top of their sales funnel

  • Where you want to be? Dismiss the message and Spend Less won't interrupt you on the site in the next 30 minutes.

  • Being sold something you had no intention of buying? Click the button and Spend Less will send you somewhere beautiful, where nobody is trying to take your money.

A free, no-effort budgeting tool.

Trying to budget or save, but never able to stick with spreadsheets and budget apps?

Spend Less offers an easy, free tool that helps you to reduce your spending online.

Get unhacked.

Billions of dollars and centuries of time have been spent learning about what makes people want things.

Digital marketing experts have distilled principles of psychology, neuroscience, and computer science into marketing hacks to create "frictionless" "sales funnels".

Spend Less is an elegant browser extension makes it easy to escape the sales funnel.

No ads

Spend Less does not show you ads. That would defeat the purpose.

No tracking

Spend Less does not track you. The extension detects when you are on e-commerce site, but that information is not recorded or stored in any way.

No data harvesting

Spend Less does not collect or sell any of your data.

Messages for every motivation

Whether you want to Spend Less because you're trying to save money towards a goal, reduce your impact on the environment, or simply to become mindful of the marketing hacks sellers use on you, Spend Less has messages that will mean something to you.

Are there messages that you know won't resonate with you? Easily select only the categories you want to see.

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